About Us


Unlike most other airsoft fields, DV8 is operated privately and exclusively for friends of the DV8 team and their guests. DV8 games include military vehicles, indoor close quarters combat in multilevel buildings, and special effects.

Located in Lithia, FL, DV8 is easily accessible from both Tampa and Orlando for weekend games, and by the Southeast US for regional events. On site amenities include ample parking, HPA air fills, hot BBQ lunches, airsoft necessities for purchase, and porta-johns. 


Please read the ruleset for games at DV8 prior to arriving. Our rules set the basis for fair simulations, and a common understanding of the field's atmosphere. Being unaware of our field rules is not an excuse. 


DV8 Field, MGRS October 2019.png
DV8 City MGRS,  2019.png